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For over two decades Colorado Pool Systems has been creating spectacular indoor and outdoor swimming pool environments. Built on a foundation of integrity, innovative designs and competitive pricing, we are one of the most trusted names in the pool building industry.

Our award winning designs have brought us the distinction of being the one of the top commercial pool contractors in the industry. There is no project too challenging for our professional team.

Our mission to you, the General Contractor, is to provide a professional crew and supervisor that can effectively work with the general supervisor as well as all subcontractors on the project. The main goal is to work together without creating extra cost that can be avoided.

By using only the best commercial swimming pool equipment available on the market we guarantee that your project will be completed with the highest quality and standards in mind. By using only the best products and equipment we also ensure that we will meet all health and city codes.

We have found that in the commercial industry, having a successful working relationship with the contractor is the most important tool needed. Our top 10 steps to a successful projects are:

      • Effective communication.
      • Working together in a professional manner.
      • Cost.
      • Meet all project deadlines ON TIME.
      • Weekly and monthly projects requests and updates.
        Safety meetings and hard hats.
      • On call 24 hours a day.
      • On the job supervisors from our company.
      • Meetings with representatives from Colorado Pool Systems.
      • Do the project right the first time!

Colorado Pool Systems will pre-bid projects for you the general contractor, designer, planner, or subcontractor so that when you are bidding on a project you have the ability to estimate what the pool, spa, waterfalls, etc will cost before you send your bid in for that project.

Colorado Pool Systems will acquire all permits that are needed for all your commercial needs. We have dealt with the strictest codes in most areas across the United States.

Our skilled installation teams and experienced craftsman work quietly and efficiently, keeping with our high standards of excellence. The results are truly spectacular.

Shaping aquatic spaces that reflect the needs of the user through form, function and creative design approaches