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Design and Engineering

Design can take on many different forms depending on the object being designed and the individual or individuals participating. Colorado Pool Systems’ experienced and skilled staff will work directly with you setting forth the goals, scale and relationship among the components of the project to develop a clearly defined design, budget, scope and schedule.

Our designers and engineers strive to eliminate unnecessary complications, focusing on the needs, wants and limitations, as well as how the space will be used; ultimately to guide the overall goal of the design.

A fully engineered stamped set of construction documents are required by most building / health departments for any project requiring construction. Our team will develop complete construction documents for your specific project. Construction documents generally include:

      • Site Plan / Layout
      • General plans and details
      • Plumbing / hydraulic plans
      • Structural plans, details and calculations
      • Electrical plans, details
      • Equipment plan, details
      • Specs and general notes

Construction documents are generally bid per job (lump sum). Please contact one of our design professionals for more information.

Shaping aquatic spaces that reflect the needs of the user through form, function and creative design approaches