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Landscape Design

Colorado Pool Systems landscape architects provide expert knowledge and experience with a goal of creating a beautiful environment with in the surrounding landscape. We provide detailed designs for commercial, public and residential spaces bringing flair and creativity to the use of the space.

Our designers have extensive experience using living elements such as flora and fauna, natural elements such as landforms and bodies of water, human elements such as material objects or structures and abstract elements such as lighting conditions and weather. All of our designs are carefully created to marriage the layout of hardscapes with the surrounding environment. These hardscapes include, paths, walls, decking, sitting areas and swimming pools.

Colorado Pool Systems offers several services to assist in your landscape design needs.

Services Include:

      • Conceptual / Schematic Design
      • Planting Plans
      • Low-water-use Xeriscape Design
      • Master Planning
      • Construction Documents

Shaping aquatic spaces that reflect the needs of the user through form, function and creative design approaches