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Commercial Waterslides and Pool Toys

An woman descended from a slide into a pool with transparent water

Colorado Pool Systems is leading the aquatic industry into a new era in commercial waterslides, pool toys and splash pads. Water based entertainment has taken on a new look and requires more features and attention from demanding patrons in a competitive age. Just imagine the white-knuckle rush of amusement park rides and then add water to it. This new breed of water entertainment is becoming the standard amenity that draws in new customers and helps retain them for many years.

Waterslide Entertainment has taken on a new look and requires more action including wicked twists and hair pin turns from demanding customers. Our commercial waterslide designs include tube rides, raft rides, speed slides, drop slides, free-fall, lazy rivers and more. All slides are available in a wide variety of colors as well as translucent.

Our water toy and splash pad aquatic solutions combine the sensations of several different water motions including flowing, misting, and jetting. Colorado Pool Systems offers uncompromising design and a play time experience that will leave a lasting impression on visitors of all ages.

All of our commercial waterslides and pool toys are built with the premium materials that provide high quality, long lasting products, while providing operational simplicity regardless of whether the aquatic facility is a small neighborhood splash pad or a large amusement water park.

“Shaping aquatic spaces that reflect the needs of the user through form, function and creative design approaches”

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